Wise Women’s Collective

A Virtual Centre for Integrative Health

We are a collective of experienced practitioners providing a wide range of healing services to meet your unique physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual needs.

Are you an individual seeking healing services?

The Wise Women’s Collective provides:

  • a reliable and accessible source of experienced practitioners
  • a multidisciplinary and integrative approach to health and wellness
  • a safe, nurturing, and empowering healing space

Or are you a woman who…

  • practices a form of healing art*?
  • is starting her own healing practice or looking for ways to expand her client-base?
  • is looking for healthier, more sustainable ways to do business?

Then, the Wise Women’s Collective might be a right fit for you.

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*Healing Arts include any holistic, complementary, and/or natural practices that promote healing, health, wellness, and personal change.

Practitioners and Facilitators

Meet the Wise Women

Isabelle Goulet

Melanie Berndt

Shamanic + Healing Arts Practitioner + Ceremonialist

Nelson, British Columbia


With over 23 years of experience as a holistic practitioner, a facilitator of Earth-Honoring practices + traditions, and a life long student of the esoteric + occult sciences – my devotion to this Sacred Work bridges the mystical with the mundane in the realms of the present moment.

I hold space for transformational experiences, inviting those I serve to explore and nurture deeper intimacy and engagement with life.


Services        massage, shamanic healing, astrology, energy medicine, counsel + mentorship

Languages   English

Access           in-person, virtual


Isabelle Goulet

Isabelle Goulet

Shamanic Healing Practitioner + Transition Support + Death Walker

Wakefield, Quebec


In Life

I know firsthand that when we experience life transitions and stressors, it is common for our life to unravel. My mission is to support you as you get back in the driver’s seat of your healing and life, so you can live the life you want and love, not the life driven by your painful past experiences, unhealthy patterns, and conditioning.

In Death

My mission is to create and hold a sacred and healing space for anyone facing the end of life and their loved ones to facilitate a more gentle, peaceful, and conscious death… & beyond.

Services        shamanic healing, death walking

Languages   English, French

Access           virtual, in-person visit (palliative care)


Isabelle Goulet

Karène St-Pierre

Energy Cleaning Lady + Accompaniment + Psycho-Spiritual Kinesiologist + Pipe Carrier + Other

Val-Morin, Quebec


Being our first home, our body deserves to be fully inhabited, which requires a deep understanding of subtle systems such as chakras, subtle bodies and sushumna, as well as the energy systems of the heart and consciousness. Together, they transform this home into a temple of energy and light.

My practice lies above all in the work of cleaning and harmonizing these subtle systems within your being, like a cleaning lady. My goal is to release stagnant energies, dust off limiting beliefs, declutter emotional burdens and open the curtains that obscure your inner vision. I also make
sure to flush out any energy-consuming ‘squatters’ hiding in the corners.

By responding to the call of my soul, I have been guided over the years towards other teachings and work tools. These resources are made available to you to allow you experience yourself in a new light.


Services        energetic harmonization, memory integration/past life regressions, dynamic kinesiology, others

Languages   English, French, Spanish

Access           in-person, virtual



We are unified in our devotion and service to that which is greater than ourselves

We are healing practitioners and facilitators coming together to be in service to love and truth, to share our experiential wisdom, and support the healing and conscious evolution of the ones we serve.

We believe that each person can make a difference in creating positive change within our individual, relational, and collective selves—past + present + future.

Devotion to our sacred work began for each of us as a conscious choice to walk the inner path needed to heal, transform, and become sovereign in our own right. Our determination, our willingness to ask for help and search for healing, and our dedication to self-love led each of us to “live our work” and as the old saying goes, “be the change we want to see in the world.”

Each woman in our community carries the wisdom of her unique life path. She has journeyed on her healing spiral collecting medicines, pursuing talents, exploring teachings, befriending her pain and her beauty, embracing her passions and reclaiming her gifts.

It is a great honor to share these medicines as a contribution to the health and wellbeing of the individual, the collective, Mother Earth, and our relationship with All Life.



Right Relationship + Stewardship

Integrity, honesty, trust and transparency are at the foundation of everything we do. We aspire to be consistently rooted to our values, for we know that consistency can be the stepping stone to a thriving community, to trust, and to healing.

We are dedicated to creating even more beauty than there already is in the world. We are stewards of Nature and all of Her kingdoms, knowing that our intentions and actions are far-reaching and extend out like hands holding—akin to seeds sprouting new growth toward past + present + future generations.


We are visionary leaders in service to Love + Truth + Consciousness.

We arrive each day inspired to hold courageous and safe space, to witness and facilitate healing, and to provide guideposts that support the transformation of people, communities, and all beings toward self-empowerment and sovereignty. We serve from the grounded wisdom that understands we are always free. Our passion is for the evolution of consciousness. (And we’re not afraid to get our hands dirty!)


Innovation inspires Presence. We endeavour to show up as our best selves in each moment, to foster transformative experiences for those we serve, and to be catalysts for the change we wish to see in the world. Our greatest wisdom comes from embracing the unknown.


Our Circles


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Day retreats + workshops + other adventures to play, restore, and reconnect



Love is the ultimate revelation, the final sanctuary.

Toyohiko Kagawa

“A woman is the full circle. Within her is the power to create, nurture and transform.

Diane Mariechild

Remember…the entrance to the sanctuary is inside you.


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About Us

A Collective of Women Dedicated to Healing

We acknowledge our privilege; it is with humility and the intention to cherish and raise each woman up that we dreamt this collective into being. It is a great honour to welcome each woman into our circle, to share our gifts, and to contribute to the health and wellbeing of individuals, the collective, Mother Earth, and all life.

The Wise Women’s Collective aspires to strengthen womens’ influence in their own communities by honoring the unique gifts they carry and supporting the sacred work they do.

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