Wisdom is gleaned through our personal experiences and shared as gifts from the experiences of others.

When we take the time to pause, reflect (without judgement) after any experience (especially the most challenging) we create entropic space for the teachings of the experience to drop into our awareness.

To take the time to listen to what comes through whether Internally with our inner voice, our body’s somatic response or externally from one who is invited to share their experiential wisdom is one of the greatest gifts we can receive.

When the mind, body and heart are in coherence





We are receptive to receive whispers of wisdom that may come through as:

Murmurs of the Magi

Revelations of the Revered

Secrets of the Soma

Transmissions from the Cosmos

More often than not, I receive the wisdom through the sacred secrets of my Soma.

For most of my childhood and young adult life, I could not hear—or rather was unable to tune in and listen to the wisdom of my body—in turn these became secrets that remained hidden until my soma was able to trust in my ability to truly listen and compassionately respond.

Enter in the beginning of my healing journey 24 years ago when I enrolled in school to become a registered massage therapist.

Here is where all of that changed.

Therapeutic touch became the gateway to learning the language of my body.

Both as receiver and as giver.

I became wise at attuning to the subtle nuances and responses of each person who arrived on my table and learned how my body attuned and responded to the therapeutic and compassionate touch of another.

My hands became energetic portals that would sense where on a client’s body needed attention most, and become a conduit for healing.

At the beginning my body would pick up on the frequencies of the “other” and more often than not, I was left experiencing the somatic symptoms of my client (and unable to understand where it was coming from).

Until I did! and learned how to remedy it.

My body shared her secrets of sensitivity—attuned to realms of the unseen, the energies of others, and the need for me to rest, play and restore in nature.

I learned how to keep myself grounded from the inside, out.

For the next 20 + years (and counting) my body would be my greatest teacher (and massage my greatest school).

I had to learn how to sense her needs and wisdom before they became screams—and when I didn’t listen—I would be left immobilized, in excruciating pain, herniated and dislocated for days, weeks, months—even years.

The last of these occurred a short time ago when I allowed my fear of scarcity to override the whispers I so clearly sensed and heard from my body—and yet ignored.

This blatant ignorance resulted in injury and illness—which shortly came as a revelation that my body’s wisdom was telling me that what I was doing and why I was doing it was not energetically aligned with who I am and where I am going.

This likely won’t be the last time that I ignore the whispers, but I can tell you this—I have placed my body’s wisdom (and my heart’s desire) ahead of my mind’s fears and (once again have) said goodbye to what was misaligned.

I can tell you that I am putting the needs of my Soma first. Listening to what she needs in each moment, nourishing with good food, resting as often as I can, and honouring her natural rhythms attuned to that of Mother Earth in her season of Winter.

There is so much wisdom to be gleaned in our soma’s experiences of quiet and Solitude, rest and restoration, and in the invitations of introspection that winter brings.

When we honour our body as a temple, and prioritize our body’s need to be nurtured, nourished and tended to in all ways—we become more grounded + stronger in our physicality, more attuned and aligned to our energy systems (chakra, meridians and Aura field ) we open more fully to vibrate as a direct portal to the Divine.

Here we receive the higher frequencies of cosmic Gnosis that supports us in co-creating our present, future and evolution.

How do you receive whispers of wisdom?

What wisdom has recently been whispered to you?