Join the Collective

Who are we?

We are a community of like-hearted women practitioner-entrepreneurs devoted to living into our healed feminine power.


Having walked the inner path needed to heal, transform, and become sovereign in our own right, we are free of the fears that lead to separation, competition, domination, and power struggles that are the mainstays of today’s business culture.


We know—deep in our hearts—that there are healthier, more sustainable ways to relating with one another, and to creating and leading service-based businesses.


We know—deep in our hearts—that when led from a place of love, truth, and equality, a business can become a sacred means to a successful life with much creativity, positive contribution, personal empowerment, satisfying relationships, and sustainable prosperity—for everyone.


Thus, our aspiration for our collective and our virtual centre for integrative health is to foster a new business culture with wiser values of interbeing, shared leadership, shared prosperity, and right relationship with all our relations.


In this new culture, we sit together in a circle, where:

    • all women are equals.


    • each woman practitioner is held, empowered to be who she is meant to be, and supported in sharing her own unique gifts and medicines with her communities.


    • authenticity, humility, transparency, trust, conscious evolution, and dedication to a higher purpose are brought to the forefront to nurture love-centered and whole-serving ways of doing business and fostering shared prosperity.


    If your heart feels warm and fuzzy at this point, then this collective might be a right fit for you!


    “When we each contribute our unique gifts and abilities to the whole, we always have more than we need.”

    —Toko-Pa Turner, Belonging: Remembering Ourselves Home

    What does this mean concretely?

    It means that we combine our resources, skills, and talents to strengthen each other’s reach and impact in our respective communities and beyond.


    It means that instead of doing all of it alone, we come together to:

      • share leadership — so each woman has a voice, a role, and a responsibility in ensuring the growth and prosperity of the collective, so we shoulder it together—lessening the load on each one of us individually


      • share costs — so each one of us can achieve more with less monetary investment


      • share administrative, technical, educational, and promotional tasks — so each one of us can spend more time and energy doing our sacred work and pursuing our passions


      • raise each woman up — so each woman is seen through equal market exposure and supported through internal referrals opportunities


      • network and collaborate with each other to co-create and co-facilitate classes, workshops, and retreats


      “For a business to be in service to the whole, then its whole structure must be different. It must be a cohesively run organism whose players all have the same vision in their hearts. This is not just an idealistic dream, but a real possibility. Commerce can become a sacred means of serving ourselves and the world.”

      —Richard Rudd, Gene Keys

      As a natural evolution of our collective and virtual centre, we envision the future possibility of being able to raise funds and apply for grants to:

      • support the development and delivery of workshops and retreats
      • subsidize session fees for clients with financial barriers
      • support continuous learning opportunities
      • support whole-serving allies, organizations, and/or charities through collaborations and donations


      Who profits from my investment?

      You and all the women practitioner-entrepreneurs within the collective, and ultimately, our respective communities.


      Until unanimously decided otherwise by the collective (our circle), individual members cannot use the proceeds of the Prosperity Fees to make personal financial gain.


      Thus, 100% of the proceeds is reinvested in the collective with an “open book” policy, where each woman knows how the money is used at any given moment.


      “True prosperity is brought about by people following their genius whilst working together collectively.”

      —Richard Rudd, Gene Keys

      Can any woman practitioner join the collective?

      No. Any practitioner interested in joining the collective must first follow the steps listed in our How to Apply section.


      The applicant will then be invited to an interview to assess and determine alignment and compatibility.


      Once a practitioner has joined the collective as a co-leader, there will be a 12-month initiatory period to allow for both the WWC and the co-leader to determine if they have made the right choices and are suited for each other.


      I can’t find the answer I am looking for…

      Visit our FAQs page or contact us.

      “From fear to love, from self-serving to whole-serving.”

      —Richard Rudd, Gene Keys

      Prosperity Fee

      wise women community mandala


      Annual one-time payment of $888 or 4 installments of $222

      — that’s a monthly investment of $74 —

      Your Prosperity Fee includes:


      • practitioner profile on the collective’s website


      • direct link to your existing business page OR WordPress page created and hosted through the collective’s website with free Divi Elegant Themes template


      • personalized email account and business card template


      • Acuity booking calendar subscription


      • shared access to the collective’s Zoom account for meetings and events


      • website maintenance + Search Engine Optimization


      • equal representation through promotion and marketing on the collective’s website, newsletter, social media, digital & printed ads, and events (e.g., shows, fairs)


      • support from a resourced community of like-hearted women


      • opportunities for internal referrals and collaborations

      Download WWC’s Annual Anticipated Expense Report (PDF file)

      “It is the fusion of human talent coupled with the power of group synergy that opens the field for true prosperity.”

      —Richard Rudd, Gene Keys

      How to Apply

      Are you ready to join our conscious collective?

      A resounding “YES!”

      Please send us either a short video, letter, or other creative response to the following questions at

      1. What does your sacred work look like?
      2. What brought you to this work, and to this community? 
      3. How are you tending to your growth and evolution?

      “The greatest gestalt shift will come when the first truly holistic and service-based businesses prove that they can be more successful than the old greed-based businesses.”

      —Richard Rudd, Gene Keys

      wise women community mandala


      To create a multidimensional platform to support holistic practitioners in promoting their businesses, offering services, and networking with like-hearted practitioners. We envision a diverse and flourishing community; a healing hub where women are honored for the sacred work they share with the world.

      wise women community mandala


      To build a diverse, powerful community of women, to promote their services, and to provide education and resources to the public.

      wise women community mandala


      To be a catalyst for advancing the philosophy and practices of holistic healing, while strengthening women’s impact in their communities.

      “Goose Medicine is flying farther together by supporting each other, sharing resources, taking turns in leadership roles, cheering progress, and being loyal to a purpose.”

      Adapted from multiple sources

      The Ten Agreements for Evolving Women

      1. Holding an Evolutionary Perspective

      She strives to live in the knowledge that the creative intelligence that gave birth to the universe is not separate from her true self. She knows that all of the ways that she is conditioned—biologically, socially, and psychologically— are not personal to her, but are part and parcel of a universal developmental process.

      2. Trusting in Life

      Through letting go of her need to control over and over again, she has discovered the empty Ground of Being that lies at the depth of herself. This profound experience of liberation frees her at the deepest level. As a result, she is at ease, manifesting an undefended innocence, dignity, and independence of spirit.

      3. Taking Responsibility for Evolution

      Knowing that the entire developmental process is One, she endeavors to take full responsibility for evolving her own consciousness, realizing that her development moves the leading edge forward for all womankind.

      4. Realizing Unity with Other Women

      She relaxes more and more into a unity with other women as she refuses to act out of the nearly universal compulsion for women to separate from and compete with each other. She doesn’t deny that this compulsion, which has been key to women’s survival in the past, operates in her psyche, nor is she afraid or ashamed of it, but she works to keep her focus on evolving women’s relationships through trust, transparency, and a passion to create the future.


      5. Being Emotionally Rational

      Despite how overwhelming any emotional experience may be, she strives for objectivity and aspires to liberate her power of choice so that she is no longer trapped by fears and desires rooted in her biological and cultural conditioning. She is developing the emotional maturity to not dis-integrate and give in to ancient survival impulses when she finds herself under pressure.

      6. Standing Autonomously and Not Wavering

      Rather than gauging her responses by what she thinks others want and need, she is cultivating a radical autonomy, grounded in her longing for liberation and her passion for the evolution of consciousness. She increasingly finds manipulative game-playing distasteful, and craves being simple, straight, and clear in her relationships with others.

      7. Relinquishing Sexual Power

      She is awake to how deeply identified she is with her sexual power and how instinctive it is to use it to get what she wants. Aspiring to drop this fundamental identification, she finds that sexual relationships become more straightforward and less of a priority and marker of personal success. The more she succeeds in this aspiration, the more she discovers a profound intimacy with others that is not related to sexuality at all.

      8. Leading by Example

      Dropping the many masks of pretense and self-image, she strives for a rare vulnerability and authenticity that is not emotional but comes from being unafraid of the impulses and motivations that drive women. She is discovering a deep confidence that is not edged with hardness but founded in transparency and humility. She is willing to step forward and be a pioneer, and does not abuse the power that comes with leadership.

      9. Being Trustworthy

      Resisting the temptation to be dishonest or inauthentic under scrutiny, she desires to act with integrity so that her word is her deed. She aspires to be consistently true to a higher purpose no matter what personal challenges she faces.

      10. Rejecting Victimhood

      She recognizes that she has co-created history with men and is not a victim of it. She seeks to take full responsibility for her own choices, past and present. Today, she stands side by side with men as an equal co-creator of an enlightened future.

      © 2012, Elizabeth Debold. Used with permission.