Frequently Asked Questions

Why a collective of women only?

We are a group of women who came together with shared visions of establishing a collective of holistic healing practitioners to offer and promote a variety of healing modalities on a local, national, and global scale. Since there were no men in our group, we did not feel we could speak for them, hence a women-only collective (for now).

However, as wise women who are restoring the balance between our inner sacred feminine and masculine—the harmonizing of our inner couple—we understand the crucial importance of joining our strength with that of Men of Heart, as equal co-creators of an awakened, bright, and fully conscious community and future. Therefore, if you know of conscious men who would be interested in creating a male-oriented platform and content, please invite them to contact us at Thank you!

Who can join the Wise Women's Collective?

We welcome any woman who practices a form of healing art* and who wishes to help other women shine out of love and respect for Mother Earth and all her children.

Our intention for this community is for it to be as multidisciplinary as possible. Thus, membership is not limited to shamanic practitioners and the like.

An artist, a writer, a singer, or a dance teacher offering workshops, courses, or classes to help others tap into their creativity and liberate their self-expression can become a member.

Naturopathic doctors, nutritionists, and homeopaths are also invited to join the community.

A certification is not required.


*Here Healing Arts include any holistic, complementary, and/or natural practices that promote healing, wellness, and personal change.

What is the catch?

An individual offering healing services faces significant challenges beyond their desire to provide healing. They must navigate the complexities and costs of establishing and cultivating their online presence then ensuring that potential clients can find them through search engines.

The Wise Women’s Collective’s cofounders look to an example provided by the town of Gananoque (near Kingston, Ontario), where large hotels, medium-sized motels, and small B&Bs pool their money to fund effective marketing to draw tourists to the area. This collective is intended to do this for holistic healing practitioners:

  • offering lowered costs of establishing their online presence
  • participating in a collective that scores highly on search engines, and
  • acting as an educator and catalyst for advancing the philosophy and practices of holistic healing (contribute to increasing public awareness to attract clients)

Similar business models operating under the principles and values of a cooperative have been very successful in generating shared prosperity in several sectors other than tourism: farming, real estate, and healthcare to name only a few.

While the Wise Women’s Collective is not an official “not-for-profit,” our goal is the provision of cost-effective, successful promotion of member practitioners. Profits are used to improve the publicization of practitioners, provide improved services to members and clients, and repay cofounder initial investments. When the collective proves successful in providing its services, excess profits will be used to offer subsidized client sessions, accumulated in reserve for future costs (e.g., infrastructure, continuing education for members, benefits), and when appropriate, redistributed to member practitioners.

This collective operates with an open book policy where data and financial information about costs incurred are publicly available.

As a natural evolution of this initiative, we envision the creation of healing hub:

  • a one-stop shop for people to find all the healing resources they need in one place; and
  • a healthy, vibrant, and active community of practitioners sharing a collaborative, non-competitive, and multidimensional space for women to pool resources, strengthen and share talents, as well as offer dynamic support and inspiration to each other
Once I have joined, can I keep my own website and other platforms?

‘Showing up together’ does not mean that you must lose your individuality. The Wise Women’s Collective provides either a sole or an additional avenue for people to connect with your business, services, and everything you already have in place (e.g., websites, social media profiles, appointment calendars).

Does my practice need to be located in Canada to join the community?

No. We are currently accepting practitioners located anywhere around the globe.

I am a woman sharing a healing practice with a male partner. Can I become a member of the Wise Women's Collective?

Absolutely! The picture displayed on the Meet the Wise Women section of the Wise Women Community website will be a picture of you only, but it will be linked to the business’s website and/or social media platforms you share with your partner.

Once our community as expanded to include men (see Why a community of women only?), your partner will be able to become a member as well.

How do I become a co-founder/leader of the Men of Heart's Collective?

If you feel called to co-create this collective with us and/or to develop male-oriented content, please contact us at We are so looking forward to connecting with you!

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